Friday, 10 November 2017

nature & our enviroment

hey everyone  its kirsty today my hub did a slide here is mine hope you like it bye for now until 3:00/3:30

Game Time

Hey everyone Kirsty here today my class is geting to chosse some game that help you learn. first i was on spelling city i got 3/4 on my first try here is the screen shot

then i went on tinker and it was so fun here is a screen shot btw its a coding app.

we stop and went on the mat to be contied

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Hey everyone it is Kirsty right now me and my friend Cayleigh will be doing a halloween animation for you ( this is based on the school day that was halloween here it is )bye


hey everyone im back today it is about shortcuts

copy and paste is....

ctrl c

ctrl v

to get the work you deleted back is....

ctrl z

to get to your history is....

ctrl h

to sign out of you're account is....

ctrl+shift qq


Prototec 5

Hi guys this is my fifth and best work on prototec but today i did't screen shot i did copy and paset

Prototec Basic Facts Maths Practice Certificate of Achievement Awarded to: Kirsty for Scoring: 95% on Stage 6 in 3m 47s

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Would you rather

Hey everyone today im doing would you rather

would you rather a mole or pimple?

would you rather a cold bath or cold shower?

would you rather have fake friends or best friends who tell all you secrets?

would you rather have people talking about you or whenever you go in a room you get stared at?

bye bye


Hey everyone hope you are not bored with my prototec