Friday, 7 July 2017

My recount of Timber-Nook

Hey blog team yesterday the whole school went to Timber-Nook so I wrote a recount.

On Thursday before we went to Timber-Nook some of Gilberthorpe School went on the playground and some of us went on the field to play rugby or soccer(I went on the playground). About 29 minutes later we got our stuff ready to go, we did the roll and we got on the bus. On the bus I sat next to Nirvana my BFFFL we said that we should have bought a notebook or something like that. When we arrived we went over the rules and had a chat about safety. I built a hut with Nirvana, Unique and Milla our hut was kind-of  bad but we thought is was good. At the end of Timber Nook we made pancakes over cans. When that was done we all got packed up and ready to leave. On the bus back I sat next to Nirvana again. We hopped out of the bus and we walked back to our class. Since Miss Morgan is nice she let us go on the playground because we arrived back 20 minutes early. So we all did at the end of the day I was tired so at home I had a long nap.

The end

here are some photos of Timber Nook 

bye bye for now

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